HsbCad integration for BIM 360

woensdag, 21 februari, 2018

You can now use an hsbShare integration for Autodesk BIM 360.

What the hsbshare Integration does : 

  • Cloud based with granted access levels to manage projects from design to build
  • Customizable templated databases for cloud access to shared information with different workflows
  • 3D Viewer geometry support multiple models to agglomerate complete project scenarios
  • SQL support for data mining analysis

Integration Details

Tapping into BIM 360 (using team & docs) we expose tools on hsbShare virtually on any BIM 360 project. Integration effort will focus on the hsbShare project creation directly from a BIM 360 Docs project. By downloading an IFC from the BIM 360 project we can start the hsbShare project creation.

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