BIM 360 Docs: Issue Management

maandag, 19 februari, 2018

Author : Johan Cantryn

An important aspect when we talk about Issue management is who is responsible for an issue.

When I talk with people, who are responsible for issue management, I hear every time that the responsibility for an Issue can change over time. The most common case is when the wrong subcontractor was assigned for an issue. But a more practical example is that a subcontractor wants to involve another subcontractor.

These are common situations that can be solved easily with BIM 360 Docs, which proves that BIM 360 Docs can be a powerful yet easy solution for basic issue management.

After creating an issue the “creator” can still modify the assignee. Note that an assignee can mean an individual, all persons of one company or all persons with a specific role.


Not only that but also very important is that the new assignee will automatically receive an email to inform him that he is now responsible for that issue. Now the subcontractor can do his job: solve the problem. But maybe the issue can only be solved by multiple subcontractors. In that case the first assigned subcontractor can assign the issue to another. And also this time, the new assignee will also receive an email.


Some remarks:

At this time the issue management in BIM 360 Docs is a serial process: you can send an issue from one to another. You cannot yet threat an issue as a parallel process, sending the issue to multiple individuals/companies or roles at once. Every assignee in this serial chain can always change the “Assigned to” information. For example: issue has been assigned from person A to person B to person C to person D. Even now that the issue is now in the hands of person D, person B can still assign the issue to yet another person

Johan Cantryn ( is technical specialist AEC at Datech Solutions.